Sunday, 22 May 2011

All good things come to an end

I thought I'd been keeping my successes to myself, I'd been doing quick overnights and leaving before most people even looked out of their bivvy, but at some point I'd said something to the wrong person because the word was out about my bumper overnight sessions in the reeds swims.

I went for my regular lunch break walk around the little pit to find someone was moving their gear to the swim I'd vacated that morning. I was hoping they wouldn't be there long because I wanted to return to the swim for an extended weekend session.

After work I went to pay them a visit, to see if they'd had any success and to find out how long they planned to stay.

On arrival there was quite a crowd of regulars behind the swim - apparently a fish had just been returned. I was informed it was a 28lb mirror. I asked the angler about it and he said he'd found a massive clear spot in the weed (what a surprise) and fished in it, just to rub the salt in a little more he also said it had been crapping out hemp all over his unhooking mat, oh and after catching he intended to stay down till Sunday.

Sad times, my plans for the weekend were effectively ruined - looks like I'd have to visit the deep pit to see if they'd started feeding properly in the deeper cooler water.

No wonder people are so secretive about their catches in the world of Carp fishing - too many people can't think for themselves, or form their own successful plans. The lesson has definitely been learned about who I share my catches with.

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