Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Where to begin?

I've been thinking about starting a new blog since taking up fishing again for the first time after taking a 6 year break from the sport. In that time technology really has come a long way, as a result I'm currently lying on my bedchair under an umbrella waiting for my first take of the evening!

I've always kept a fishing diary logging my catches, or more often blanks! I tend to include location, bait, rigs, weather and other important details. The problem with my log book is it doesnt really involve many emotional statements, images or other bit of information that are not directly related to a particular fish capture.

So that's where this blog comes in, it allows me to share some of the emotional highs and lows whilst creating a slightly more multimedia and less clinical account of my adventures!

The beginning of this blog was all written at once to document my fishing experiences since returning to the sport, however it was written well after the events, which has lead to some odd dating.

I felt it was important to return to the beginning before blogging about my experiences as they happen!

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