Monday, 18 April 2011

A new year, with new opportunities

We lost a lot of the winters fishing to ice cold conditions and rock hard lakes - I also took the opportunity to enjoy a social life in the knowledge that as soon as conditions improved I intended to spend every spare moment behind my rods!

During the winter I'd been keeping an eye on the gravel pit just over the road from my office. Sadly although the pit is a beautiful little oasis close to the centre of Milton Keynes - it is surrounded by industrial units and main roads and is far from peaceful! The place looks amazing with its long reed beds, large gravel bars, loads of wildlife and crystal clear water, I think if the pit was transported into the quiet of the countryside it would be pretty close to a dream lake.

My internet research and conversations with anglers lead me to believe the pit was fairly unpressured at any time other than the summer, and that it has a good head of large carp averaging low 20lb up to just under 40lb. There were also a few Catfish, and some nice tench to go after. However the main reason this pit was of interest to me was its depth - the deepest the lake went to was 6ft, with an average over most of the lake of 5ft, I’m my mind this would make it the perfect winter and spring water because unlike my other deep pit, this lake would wake up far sooner, and respond much better to the sunny days earlier in the year.

I purchased a season ticket in February and I had a new venue to focus on in the late winter / spring until the new seasons tickets were availiable.

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